This blog is dedicated to my best little co-pilot, who was also my entire heart. See you down the road my girl. Murph 2004 – 2021


6 thoughts on “This blog is dedicated to my best little co-pilot, who was also my entire heart. See you down the road my girl. Murph 2004 – 2021

  1. Hello Jacqueline! Lachell and I are sorry to hear about you losing Murphy. A tough one for sure. Murphy was a sweet little girl who was very easy to love. Murphy had a great life with you Jacqueline! She saw lots of the world and met some wonderful people. Hope you are doing well as well as possible! Lachell and I are in Puerto Vallarta until Saturday when we fly home to Edmonton where there is 15 cm of new snow! 😉 xoxox. Martin and Lachell

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    • Hello there good people!
      You’ll be travelling back to the familiar Arctic blast today, I reckon. Thank you very much for your lovely words – you both know exactly how much we intertwine our lives with these wonderful creatures, and how brutal it is when we have to say farewell to them.
      Please take good care, and do say a big hello to the Wabamun folks – I certainly miss being able to pop in on my old Dad.


  2. Thank you Andersons. The end of a very long, joyful era. I very glad the girls got a chance to know and have a little fun with Murph, even though she was getting on a bit in years. XO

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  3. So sorry to hear about Murphy….such a loss for you. At least you were both together for the recent big trip. I lost Polly, my little life companion and terrier last month after ten of her eighteen or so years together….Irreplaceable life friends…look after yourself.

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    • Thank you so much Kathy. You were a very-appreciated supporter of our last big trip! I’m very sorry for the loss of your most important and treasured friend. We know exactly what this means to our lives.
      I’ll be taking plenty of time to absorb and reflect. It’s such a huge life-change in all sorts of ways, isn’t it?
      Take good care of yourself,


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